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How To Get YouTube Playlist RSS Feed URL

In order to find your RSS URL you need two parts, the first part, which is the common URL for channels and playlists and the second part, which is the ID of the channel or playlist The ID is the final string of numbers and letters at the end of a channel or playlist URL.

How to Get YouTube Playlist RSS Feed URL

To create a URL for RSS feeds you do not have to be a tech wiz. Probably anyone can do it. Just get your YouTube channel address and add it to your favorite RSS reader, which in this case can be

To create a RSS feed for a playlist, you need to know its ID number. You can find it at the end of its URL on YouTube when you visit it on the web. Example: this is the ID of the following playlist: =e82VE8UtW8A&list=RDQMD9kjrzYV7ZI is RDQMD9kjrzYV7ZI

This will depend entirely on your content management system. You may need to seek the help of a developer to integrate and retrieve your channel and playlists on the pages of your website. Many systems, like WordPress, are easy to do yourself.

Now that API v2 is gone, what would be a way to get a simple RSS feed of a channel, without v3 API? I'm open to Yahoo Pipes or any workaround that is simpler than creating an application for v3 API if the target is a feed reader. I only need an RSS feed. It was available publicly until now and it can cease any minute now (I think). So why not let access to it without an API key anymore.

in you tube, click on the subscriptions on the left hand pane. This will open up all your subscriptions in the center of the page. Scroll down and you'll find a Export to RSS reader button which produces an xml file of all your subscriptions . I've done this and added it to my prefered rss reader feedly.

From My Blog Post: HOW TO FIND YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL FEEDIn the old days, it was easy (2009) but now a days it is much harder to find it (2012-present). Here is a quick way to find your new feed from your YouTube Channel. Remember to follow the list correctly!

Copy your entire YouTube Channel Feed and create a simplified feed: You can do this by creating a shorter feed link in FeedBurner at (Requires a Google account. Free to use.), which is also part of Google. Create a new feed (select I'm A Podcaster! to see your videos appear in the feed and to make your feed compatible with other feed readers such as: Digg Reader, Apple iPhone Apple News App, Apple iPhone Podcasts App, Feedly, etc.) -OR- edit an existing one by copying your entire YouTube Channel Feed and then click Save Feed Details as normal

Your YouTube Channel Feed now works and your videos can be seen in a feed file directly on your FeedBurner feed. Mine is at YouTube as a feed at _id=UCvFR6YxwnYfLt_QqRFk_r3g & at FeedBurner as with my videos that appear only as text format, as an example, since I need to update mine to show my videos. You can change different settings in FeedBurner and do other things so it's worth a try since it's free and easy to use. I highly recommend using FeedBurner or another feed creation service, however, FeedBurner is your best bet since it also includes cross-feed subscription service mechanism (USM - Universal Subscription Mechanism), which means your feed can be read from any compatible device such as a computer, mobile phone (with the correct app installed), via an older web browser (such as Internet Explorer which supports Web Slices & RSS/Atom/XML Feeds).

Your feed can also be opened up in Apple iPhone Apple News App & Apple iPhone Podcasts App on your Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch and Apple iPad if you've set the settings correctly to USM (Universal Subscription Mechanism). Once this is in effect, your feed can be viewed through different services and devices.

This tutorial explains how to get YouTube Playlist RSS Feed URL. In this post, I will tell you about two handy methods to do that. You can easily get an RSS feed URL of any YT playlist and then use that in an RSS feed reader software or self hosted RSS reader. After adding the feed URL in any RSS feed reader, you can simply leave the rest to the software. It will automatically refresh the feed for you at the specified schedule. And if there is new video available in the playlist then you will know it. Both the methods which I have added here work perfectly and all you have to do is just give these the ID of a playlist or simple navigate to the playlist page.

Without some tweaks, you can not get the feed URL of a YT playlist. We have already covered a tutorial about getting RSS feed URL of a YouTube channel and the process is quite similar for playlists. Here I will talk about a Firefox addon which lets you get the RSS feed URL of a YT channel in one click. Along with that, I will mention a self hosted tool which can do that for you in a very easy way. All you have to do is just put a little effort in the beginning for converting YouTube playlist to RSS feed.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); How to Get YouTube Playlist RSS Feed URL?Method One: Use YouTube RSS Finder Firefox Addon to Get Feed URL of any YT playlist.This is pretty straightforward and quickest method to get feed URL of any YouTube playlist. You can use it on your favorite public YouTube playlist and get the RSS feed URL. After installing the addon, you only need to fire one click to get RSS feed of playlist opened in current tab. This is an open source Firefox addon and you can easily install it and start using it on any YouTube playlist. Not only the YT playlists but it works on YouTube channels as well.

So, simply install this plugin using the URL given at the end of this section. After that, you go to the playlist page of YouTube whose feed URL you want to get. After reaching the playlist page, you will see YouTube-RSS icon in the address bar of the browser as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, simply click on the YouTube button in the address bar and it will open a new tab with the RSS feed of that playlist. You can either analyze the XML data or you can simply copy the URL from the address bar. The copied URL will work as the RSS feed to the playlist and you can add that in any RSS feed reader that you use.

Another tool that I have found to do the same is called PodTube. Here it is an open source web app that works with YouTube channels and playlists to get you the feed URL. Here it has a hosted version which you can use to get RSS feed URL of an YouTube Playlist.

Now, you simply add the playlist ID that you already obtained in the following URL. Next, you just paste this URL in the browser and see if its able to create the feed for you. It will show you an XML file which contains all the songs or videos from the playlist. Now, you can simply add this URL in any feed reader and start receiving updates.

In this way, you can use this simple hosted web app to get RSS feed URL of a playlist. Just create the feed URL in a few seconds and use that however you see fit. In case, the current host goes down, you can always pull its source code from GitHub and deploy it locally or on your own server.

These are the best free methods that you can use to get YouTube playlist RSS feed URL. In a few seconds, you can get the RSS URL and add that in your subscriptions. If you want to use that feed in an RSS reader for Windows then I will recommend you to use Feed Notifier as it is simple, compact and easy to manage. So, if you are looking for ways to get RSS feed URL of a YouTube playlist, use any method that I have mentioned in this post.

Ever since RSS feeds and RSS readers became a thing, a lot of folks, me included, liked to have all their consumable content in one place. When Google Reader was closed in 2013, quite a few, like me, lamented Google's decision. Other RSS readers sprung up, and services like The Old Reader and Feedly became the poison of choice.

YouTube has placed a hard limit on its native RSS feeds. YouTube channels could have hundreds of videos, but only the most recent 10 videos will show up in your feed, as you can see below in my Feedly setup.

If you're a lover of RSS feeds, you'll know that they can be extremely versatile. Being able to import new content from your favourite websites into your RSS reader is a tool so handy it's not easily forgotten. Likewise, being able to grab the latest audio and video podcasts from your favourite content creators is extremely useful.

YouTube is also a site filled with video content which can be extracted via RSS. You might be keen to share YouTube RSS feeds of your own content or you might want to get RSS feeds of things that interest you. Whatever your reasoning, you're going to need to know a little bit about YouTube RSS feeds in order to get started.

YouTube RSS feeds are able to be read using most regular RSS readers and podcast software. The YouTube RSS feeds can also be used to bring videos into lifestreams, to be downloaded or to share your feed with video content delivery tools like Miro or iTunes.

You can preview any feed and generate interesting feeds using YouTube's Data API Demo [No Longer Available] tool. It will also let you filter for certain categories and do some really interesting stuff.

For playlists, you'll need to get the playlist ID. This is the big long code at the end of the playlist URL after you see list= written. For instance, in the following URL, the playlist ID is PL06D1F979F292B698.

Once of the reasons YouTube RSS feeds are useful is to give you an easy way to download content from YouTube. For instance, you could set things up so that you download videos from YouTube via the RSS feed of your favourites or a playlist. From then on, anytime you favourite a new video on YouTube that will be downloaded for you. This could be very handy for collecting local copies of videos your friends and family upload for you to see.

There are a number of ways to use RSS to stream video from YouTube within WordPress. The first, quickest option is to use a plugin like TubePress, which creates a gallery of YouTube videos using the YouTube Data API RSS feeds.


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