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NBA PL: Pistons - Raptors

  • The Detroit Pistons will be scouring free agency, trades and the 2022 NBA Draft for upgrades in talent for next season.\nDetroit will have some cap space at their disposal, two picks in the NBA Draft (so far) and a trade asset in Jerami Grant that they could use to get another first-round pick or a young player.\nThe Pistons only won 23 games this season but the way they closed out and the growth of their young players are indications that better days are on the way.\nBut the Detroit Pistons need help at shooting guard, could use another wing defender and definitely need to upgrade their center ranks.\n\n \n \n Related Story:\u00a0A Pistons fan's guide to the NBA semi-finals\n \n \n\n\nWe\u2019re looking at the playoff teams that have been eliminated to identify players who might be fits with the Detroit Pistons.\nWe\u2019ve looked at:\n\nA possible trade target from the Minnesota Timberwolves\n5 guys from the Atlanta Hawks who could be acquired in free agency or trades\nThe Bulls, who have 6 potential targets for the Pistons\nSome targets from the Jazz\n8 possible players from the Nets who could hit the market\n\nToday we will look at the Toronto Raptors, who were beaten by the 76ers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs and have a handful of players about to hit free agency, including two bench guys, two veteran defenders and one former player from the Detroit Pistons.\nDetroit Pistons: End-of-bench free agents from the Toronto Raptors\nYuta Watanabe: Restricted free agent\nThe 27-year-old from Japan played sparingly this season, appearing in 38 games for the Raptors. He has good size for the small forward position at 6-foot-9 and he can shoot from long range. He has a QO of $2.2 million and it\u2019s likely that the Raptors let him walk. He\u2019d be an option on a minimum deal to fill the Rodney McGruder spot with a shooter.\nIsaac Bonga: Unrestricted free agent\nBonga was a second-round pick in the 2018 NBA Draft and only appeared in 15 games this season, fewest of his career. He is an intriguing prospect at 22-years-old, as he has outstanding length and has been used as a primary ball handler at times in his career at 6-foot-9. He has flashed signs of being able to shoot and defend but they\u2019ve just been flashes. He has a lot of potential but lacks skill at about everything and isn\u2019t the greatest athlete even though he has nearly a 9-foot standing reach. He\u2019s still young enough to develop and will likely be on a minimum deal, if not a two-way.\n\n \n Next:\u00a0Two veterans\n \n"},"title":"Detroit Pistons: 5 potential offseason targets from the Raptors","permalink":"https:\/\/\/2022\/05\/02\/detroit-pistons-targets-raptors\/2\/","shortCodeTitle":null,"content":"\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tCade Cunningham #2 of the Detroit Piston dribbles against Chris Boucher #25 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Cole Burston\/Getty Images)\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\n\t\t\nDetroit Pistons: 2 veteran free agents from the Toronto Raptors\nThe Pistons definitely need to add a veteran and if that guy could play defense, even better. Here are two guys who could be fits if the price is right.\nThaddeus Young: Unrestricted free agent\nThe versatile veteran was one of the hottest trade assets at the deadline last season, but the 33-year-old\u2019s numbers and minutes took a nose dive this season.\nYoung is one of those guys who could probably help any team, as he is a versatile and tough defender who can make plays and shoot a little (he hit 39 percent from 3-point range for the Raptors in 26 games).\n\n \n \n Related Story:\u00a0\"Detroit is planning a big-money offer...\"\n \n \n\n\nIf he were on a minimum deal I\u2019d love him as a bench veteran who could help mentor the young guys and give the Detroit Pistons some toughness off the bench. But he\u2019s likely to join a ready-made contender, not a rebuilding team at this stage in his career.\nChris Boucher: Unrestricted free agent\nBoucher is another guy who would have made more sense for the Detroit Pistons a few years ago, but he has seemingly regressed after putting up career numbers last season. At his best, Boucher is a rim protector (Detroit needs one) and a big who can stretch the floor, as he shot 38 percent on nearly four attempts per game just last season.\nBut he only shot 29 percent from 3-point range this season and also saw his minutes and blocks go down as well. If Boucher wanted to be a third center on a minimum deal, then I\u2019d be all for it, as he does have some skills the Detroit Pistons need, but he\u2019s likely to get more and Detroit isn\u2019t in a position to shell out for a guy like him, as he\u2019s not really going to move the needle.\n\n \n Next:\u00a0The former Piston\n \n","title":"Detroit Pistons: 5 potential offseason targets from the Raptors","permalink":"https:\/\/\/2022\/05\/02\/detroit-pistons-targets-raptors\/3\/","shortCodeTitle":null,"content":"\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tSvi Mykhailiuk #14 of the Toronto Raptors looks to make a pass as Cade Cunningham #2 and Killian Hayes #7 of the Detroit Pistons defend (Photo by Cole Burston\/Getty Images)\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\n\t\t\nWould the Detroit Pistons reunite with Svi Mykhaliuk?\nSvi Mykhailiuk: Player option\nI have to say, just having to spell Svi Mykhailiuk again is giving me mild PTSD, so for that reason, I hope the Detroit Pistons stay away from a reunion.\nHe\u2019s still only 24-years-old and theoretically would fill a need for the Pistons, as he is a shooter with size who isn\u2019t the worst defender in the world and is improving off the bounce.\nThe question is this: Is he really a shooter?\n\n \n \n Related Story:\u00a0A 2nd-round prospect from Michigan State\n \n \n\n\nSvi shot over 40 percent on 5.1 attempts from 3-point range for the Pistons in the 2019-20 season, but since hasn\u2019t shot over 33 percent, including this season, when he shot just 30 percent from long range in 56 appearances for Toronto.\nIf he isn\u2019t knocking down 3-point shots, he doesn\u2019t offer much else, as he shot just 39 percent from the field this season and isn\u2019t a guy who is even going to take many mid-range shots.\nMykhailiuk has a player option for $1.8 million and he might exercise it if he doesn\u2019t think there is a better deal out there for him and there might not be.\nThe Detroit Pistons would have to believe that there is a shooter lurking in there to take another chance on Mykhailiuk on a minimum deal, and to be honest, I\u2019d rather just give those minutes to Isaiah Livers.\nSvi is an interesting case, and if the Pistons could have him for dirt cheap, he\u2019s a possibility, though I\u2019d consider him a long shot to come back to Detroit.\n\n \n \n Next:\u00a02022 NBA Mock Draft: Pistons drop to 5th\n \n \n\n\n\u00a0"],"useSlideSources":true,"themeType":"classic","prevPost":"https:\/\/\/2022\/05\/01\/pistons-draft-2nd-round-michigan-state\/","nextPost":"https:\/\/\/2022\/05\/02\/detroit-pistons-jerami-grant-trade-pels\/","prevText":"Prev","nextText":"Next","buttonWidth":0,"buttonWidth_post":0,"postUrl":"https:\/\/\/2022\/05\/02\/detroit-pistons-targets-raptors\/","postId":93533,"refreshAds":true,"refreshAdsEveryNSlides":1,"adRefreshingMechanism":"javascript","siteUrl":"https:\/\/","prevText_post":"Prev post","nextText_post":"Next post"};(function ($) $(document).ready(function () try tpsInstance = new tps.createSlideshow(tpsOptions); catch(e) );(jQuery)); (function () // create the elements and set all attributes:var conversationScript = document.createElement('script');conversationScript.setAttribute('async', 'true');conversationScript.setAttribute('src', ' _qVj41Jcs');conversationScript.setAttribute('data-spotim-module', 'spotim-launcher');conversationScript.setAttribute('data-post-url', ' -pistons-targets-raptors/');conversationScript.setAttribute('data-post-id', '9fb7e5a32dcfe900dd314de03d34e7f1');conversationScript.setAttribute('data-spotim-multi-instance', true);conversationScript.setAttribute('data-article-tags', 'Detroit Pistons');conversationScript.setAttribute('data-disqus-url', ' -pistons-targets-raptors/#!');conversationScript.setAttribute('data-disqus-identifier', '93533 =93533');// append the elements to the container:var container = document.querySelector('#comments-wrapper-93533');container.appendChild(conversationScript);)(); Top StoriesPistonPowered 11 monthsDetroit Pistons: 8 possible offseason targets from the Brooklyn Nets

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NBA PL: Pistons - Raptors



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