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Fire Emblem Corrupt Theocracy Patch

(Editor's note: Since the original download lacked a readme, the entirety of the original Serenes Forest post has been copied down to serve as one.)You read correctly. This hack is finished and completed, with supports, endings, and well... everything I guess.Read below for more information:Copied from FEUCredits:Xeld for making FEditorNintenlord for Making his Event EditorArch for his event editing tutorialRyurumeli for trying to help me with a glitchBlazer for his music editing tutorialI can't really remember what he helped me with, but I'm pretty sure Shadow of Chaos helped me with something somewhere.Everyone involved in making Nightmare (Note: Nightmare 2 hates me...)Major bug fixed! See second read me for new patches and more info!YOU MUST READ THE READ ME! IF YOU DO NOT, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN![spoiler=READ ME]As promised, I have finished making the first and likely final patch of Fire Emblem Corrupt Theocracy.Fire Emblem Corrupt Theocracy is a Fire Emblem 7 mod/hack. It contains custom events, a new story, and some new maps and mugs. All characters and weapons have been changed, and some new weapons and classes have been added.The Hack is split into two parts: Part One (Lyn Mode) and Part Two (Eliwood Mode). THERE IS NO HECTOR MODE AND THERE WILL NOT BE ONE! DEAL WITH IT!Part OnePart One is 9 chapters long including the prologue. It has 15 characters. It is meant to be fairly easy, and your characters generally greatly out level your enemies. I believe only the last two chapters should pose any difficulty.The Story has you follow the prince of the Fire Clan of "Repub". His name is Eli, and he is the Commander of the countries border patrol. The story of part one starts with Eli on any regular old border patrol mission: Killing the bandits from Merc who have come into Repub. Everything changes though when it turns out that the group they attacked are actually working for Holy and are traveling with a True Dragon hostage.Of the characters found in Part One, nine return as playable in Part Two, but only one of them has their part one stats affect their part two counterpart.Part TwoPart Two is the main and central story of the hack. It takes place 20 years after part one. The story follows a group of mercenaries who originally work for the corrupt theocracy of Holy. This changes when two soldiers from Repub come looking for a general (a character playable in part one) to help with the countries current conflict, as they are now losing the war against Holy after a sudden turn of tides. When it turns out the general has died, but that two of the mercenaries are related to them, they decide to go as the next best thing, and so as to not go back empty handed. But during their adventure, an even bigger conflict Arieses...It is 23 chapters long with 54 playable characters. Three of them are only available for the final chapter, and two are "Secret Characters" a la Stefan. Not all characters have support convo's. Instead, they have in chapter convo's with a couple of characters a la FE4. There are some characters who have supports, but have no support convo's.[spoiler=story]The setting of Fire Emblem: Corrupt Theocracy is in a world that has been devastated by war and is near the end of its life. 500 Years prior to the story, a being from space came to earth and attempted to take rule over it for himself. Using his vast powers and abilities, he brought many civilizations to their knees, and destroyed many continents. That was however, until he reached the land of dragons. The technology that the dragons used, in addition to their own natural power and numbers, were great enough to equal this being. The war was long and difficult, with some dragons even converting over to the beings side, as he deemed them worthy enough to do so. But despite their best efforts over the 100 year war, the being was defeated in the end by three humans using weapons created to slay dragons.The Dragon clans had been wiped out for the most part, and would likely never revive with the poor reproductive systems they had. As a list ditch effort, they decided to mate with Humans to repopulate the land and attempt to revive their now lost great civilization. To fully see their plans come to fruition, the dragons sacrificed their ability to transform into dragons in exchange for their genes being "more dominant," as human genes were more dominant than dragon genes. Most humans willingly agreed to this idea, as they thought it would make them more powerful. Some humans did not wish to mate with dragons, as they thought that humans were already stronger. There were even some dragons that did not wish to mate with humans, and instead reproduced with each other. So that the female dragon would be guaranteed to become pregnant, both true dragons would lose their powers and would die when the children, who were always born in sets of three, were born. These children retained some Dragon power, but were not able to transform into dragons. They still lived longer than humans, and were better equipped for mating than the previous true dragons.In the end, only two True dragons remained. One was an adult, while the other was merely a new born child, the last of his kind. Sadly, this child was born defectively as a result of the mother's exposure to the aliens power, and as a result could not transform into a dragon. The same exposure would also eventually lead the the other true dragon losing his ability to transform too. Being the only true dragons left, they started a new kingdom for the true dragon children. This kingdom was called "Dragon" as such.The other dragon clans then went on to form three other countries, "Repub" , "Holy" , and "Mage." "Repub" was made up of three dragon clans who served the Earth dragon clan. "Holy" was made up of the divine dragon clan, that focused on using magic based on the powers of the being who invaded their planet. In time, they came to think of the being as a god who destroyed the old world so that a better, new one would appear in its place. "Mage" was made up of the flying and dark dragon clans who wished to revive the magic of old. The country was founded at the location of the old now dead human magic clan. The last country on the continent was "Merc," which was made up of the humans who did not wish to mate with dragons. Over time, it was eventually discovered that those who would mate with the new true dragons would retain the abilities of both clans, but such practice was highly looked down upon. Additionally, the new born true dragon, should he mate with a new true dragon, gave forth the possibility of a dragon of old being born.See Below Read me spoiler for patch, sav, and known glitch information.YOU MUST READ THE READ ME! IF YOU DO NOT, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN![spoiler=READ ME]KNOWN GLITCHES1. Some villages have small music problems. This isn't a problem that you should worry about.2. The last unit to perform an action occasionally disappears when the chapter ends. This doesn't effect anything other than aesthetics, so don't worry about it. Said character will be back next chapter.3. You cannot view Eli's character sheet stat in part one. If you wish to look at his stats, you must use the unit menu. This only happens in part one.4. After the last conversation in part one, left over stuff from Lyn's mode occurs. I don't know how to delete this, and it is being left in for part one to part two transition purposes, should you choose to continue.5. One chp 10, one of the villages can't be visited. There are also some other villiages that you can't visit, but they were programed that way.6. THIS IS THE ONLY IMPORTANT POSSIBLY GAME BREAKING ONE! You cannot skip the forced Donovan promotion screen should you choose to promote him. Skipping this scene causes bad stuff to happen. You have been warned.7. In PART ONE ONLY!, you must always press the start button when you see the text after the preparation screen. If you don't, then the screen will become black and you must look at any units character sheet. Just remember you can't look at Eli's.8. There is a problem with the female shaman animation. I have a working version, tested it to see that it does work, but something causes it to have some kind of glitch anyway. I tried fixing it twice, and in the end I gave up even though I had gotten it to work before.What is the .sav file for?The .sav file exists so that you can jump strait into part two, which is the actual mod/hack and story. Additionally, it gives you information on who supports who, and what characters you can look out for in terms of who to recruit.I highly suggest you play the game like this: Play part one (Lyn Normal Mode) and when it ends, start a new game in part two (Eliwood normal mode). Playing Part one has little to no effects on part two (with the exception of one character who joins you on the final chapter of part two). The reason I suggest you do this is to prevent a glitch that can occur in part two if you choose to do the transition. It isn't game breaking, but it can cause problems. You have been warned.How to use the .sav file:Download it and rename it to whatever is the name of the GBA file you just patched with the patch. Make sure they are in the same directory.Remember, the .sav file isn't necessary, but I suggest using it. In fact, I highly suggest using it.This is the link to the save file: PatchMAJOR BUG FIXED!The link to the patch is here: you downloaded the patch prior to 1/31/2010, please download the patch below and apply it to the rom you patch the first time. Your save file should still work. This fixes a bug in chapter 8 that would not let you finish chapter 8 (The last chapter of part one) apologize for this as the problem this patch fixes I definitely fixed last time. I don't know why it occurred again.Thanks to dguy24 of Serenes forest for the notice.Gameplay changes and screens[spoiler=Optional Reading]The ocean seal now promotes Pirates and soldier. Soldiers promote to Sword Generals.The Fell contract now promotes Thieves and Bandits. Bandits promote to Chief Bandits.Chieft Bandits are a new class, but only one character uses it. The are like berserkers, but can't walk over water and have better stats.Sword Generals are another new class. They have less str, but more skl than axe generals. Sword generals use swords and lances. Axe generals use lances and axes.Staff weapon levels are set based on class and do not grow. This is to prevent the useless S rank in staves.Valkyries now use Light magic instead of anima.Female shamans promote into female sages.Female sages use dark, anima, and staves.Male sages use light, anime, and staves.Snipers now have a critical bonus.S rank and support bonuses have been boosted to help make the game easier to beat (it is already pretty tough).How to beat the two special chapters in part two:For the first one, either use Larry to speak to the boss or defeat all enemies.For the second one, have Donovan speak with the boss or Wait on the space the boss was standing on.Please report any bugs, glitches, typos, and pallete problems to me. If you mention something that I have already mentioned in the READ ME, I will laugh at you.Enjoy!Character and hidden convo/item guide below.[spoiler=character and hidden convo/item guide]This small guide is designed to help you learn how to recruit different characters and find hidden items and convos.It will be updated regularly.Character Recruitment Guide:Part 1:Prologue:Eli - Eliwood Lord. Given from the start. If he dies, you get a game over.Mark - Paladin. Given from the start.Bowen - Soldier. Given from the start.Flo - Pegasus Knight. Given from the start.Chapter 1:Henry - Hector Lord. Given from the start.Troy - Archer. Given from the start.Barry - Fight. Must be recruited by having Henry speak with him.Chapter 2:Nova - Bard. Joins after preperation screen.Chapter 3:Ether - Cavalier. Joins at the begining of turn 3.Raptor - Paladin. Joins at the begining of turn 3.Chapter 4:No characters join.Chapter 5:No characters join.Chapter 6:Mac - Axe General. Joins at the end of the prep screen.Beyard - Hero. Joins at the end of the prep screen.Fauna - Falco Knight. Joins at the end of the prep screen.Dangelo - Warrior. Visit the house to recruit him.Chapter 7:No characters join.Chapter 8:Karlo - Swordmaster. Visit the villiage to recruit him.Part 2:Chapter 9:Donovan - Mercenary. Joins at the begining of the chapter. If he dies, you get a game over.Craft - Bandit. Joins at the begining of the chapter. If he dies, you get a game over.Sandy - Lyn Lord. Joins at the begining of the chapter. If she dies, you get a game over.Star - Pegasus Knight. Joins at the begining of the chapter. If she dies, you get a game over.Chapter 10:Blaze - Knight. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Flora - Pegasus Knight. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Chapter 11:Mandrake - Monk. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Ricky - Fighter. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Chapter 12:Elliot - Eliwood Lord. Joins at the begining of the chapter. If he dies, you get a game over.Mark - Paladin. Same character from part one with different stats. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Hellen - Female Mage. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Bowen - Sword General. Same character from part one with different stats. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Sofie - Cleric. Joins at the begining of the chapter.Larry - Theif. Joins at the begining of the chapter. If he dies, you get a game over.Chapter 13:Troy - Sniper. Same character from part one with different stats. Joins after the preperation screen.Lila - Troubadour. Joins after the preperation screen.Mary - Wyvern Knight. Joins after the preperation screen.Gringo - Soldier. Joins after the preperation screen.Merlinus - Joins after the preperation screen.Nick - Cavalier. Visit the south viliage to recruit him.Chapter 14:No new charactersChapter 15:Kat - Myrmidon. Joins after the Prep. Screen.Janet - Dancer. Speak with Kat or Erika.Erika - Hero. Speak with Kat or Janet.Chapter 16:No new charactersChapter 17:Froid - Pirate. Joins after the Prep. Screen.Sal - Shaman (F). Joins after the Prep. Screen.Chapter 18:Claire - Valkyrie. Speak with SalNina - Mage(F). Speak with Claire, Ryan, or LouisLouis - Mage(M). Speak with Claire, Ryan, or NinaRyan - Shaman(M). Speak with Claire, Nina, or LouisChapter 19:Chaud - Sage(M). Speak with Claire, Sal, or Niege.Niege - Sniper. Speak with Claire, Sal, or Chaud.Chapter 20:Kaze - Nomad. Speak with Donovan.Wraith - Noman. Speak with Kaze.Chapter 21:Dak - NomadTrooper. Speak with Kaze or WraithChapter 22:Yin - Swordmaster. Joins after prep screenYang - Hero. Joins after prep screenEli - Knight Lord. Joins after prep screenHenry - Great Lord. Joins after prep screenFlo - Falco Knight. Joins after prep screenShark - Swordmaster. Joins after prep screenKerry - Swordmaster. Joins after prep screenChapter 23:No New Characters.Chapter 24:Typhoon - Wyvern Lord. Joins after prep screenGan - Berserker. Speak with Kat, Yin, Yang, Shark, Sandy, or Kerry.Chapter 25:Jeff - Assassin. Speak with JanetChapter 26:Ohana - Druid. Joins after prep screenIris - Shaman(F). Joins after prep screenCyrus - Paladin. Speak with CraftChapter 27:No new characters.Chapter 28:Barry - Warrior. Shows up on turn 4. Speak with Gan, Kerry, Shark, Yang, Yin, Jill, or KatKage - Druid. Wait on the north eastern castle.Chapter 29:Karlo - Swordmaster. Shows up on turn 10. Speak with Kat, Kerry, Shark, Barry, Iris, Donovan, or SandyChapter 30:Regal - Bishop. Joins after prep screen.Final:Brammimond - God. Joins after prep screen.Zypher - King. Joins after prep screen.Nova - Bard. Joins after prep screen.Secret Character:Jill - Sniper. Has Lethality. Speak with Kat. Appears on the chapter 18 map when any unit steps on the destroyed house.Hidden Item and Conversation Guide:Prologue:No hidden items or Conversations.Chapter 1:No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 2:No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 3:Ether can speak with Troy, Eli, and Henry.Raptor can speak with Barry and Mark.You can obtain a brave sword through the Raptor Mark convo.You can obtain a Silver axe through the Raptor Barry convo.Chapter 4:No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 5:No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 6:No hidden conversations.You can find a Silver Sword, Silver Blade, Silver Lance, Silver Axe, Silver Bow, and Short Spear in the desert.Chapter 7:No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 8:No hidden items or conversations.Part 2: Chapter 9:No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 10:No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 11:Secret shop found in same spot as FE7. No hidden items or conversations.Chapter 12: Donovan can speak with Elliot, Hellen, and Larry.Blaze can speak with Elliot and Mark.Flora can speak with Hellen and Mark.No hidden items.Chapter 13:Troy can speak with Donovan, Elliot, Star, and Mark.Lila can speak with Donovan, Elliot, Star, and Hellen.Gringo can speak with Mark and Blaze.Mary can speak with Hellen and Flora.No hidden items.Chapter 14:Larry can speak with Ether to end the chapter as suggested before battle.No Hidden Items.Chapter 15:No Hidden Items or ConvosChapter 16:No Hidden Items or Convos. There is a secret shop in this chapter.Chapter 17:No Hidden Items or Convos.Chapter 18:No Hidden ConvosYou can find a Ocean Seal, Warp, Rescue, Elysian Whip, and Boots in the desert.Chapter 19:No Hidden Items or convosChapter 20:No Hidden Convos. You can find a brave bow in the northern forest.Chapter 21:No Hidden Items or Convos.Chapter 22:No Hidden ItemsEli can speak with Elliot, Mark, Hellen, Larry, Troy, and Lila.Henry can speak with Elliot, Hellen, Larry, Troy, and LilaFlo can speak with Elliot, Mark, Bowen, Hellen, and LilaShark can speak with Yin, Yang, Kat and SandyKerry can speak with Yin, Yang, Kat and SandyChapter 23:No Hidden Items.Donovan can speak with Zypher to end the chapter as described in the in chapter convos.Chapter 24:No Hidden Items or ConvosChapter 25:No Hidden Items or ConvosChapter 26:No Hidden temsDepending on who visits Craft's home, a different convo will occur. You always get the same Item regardless.If Donovan speaks with Brammimond, he will promote and obtain the Aura Blade. If you engage this convo, you CANNOT SKIP IT! It will cause the game to do weird things. The reason for this is because of how the original code in FE7 is setup. But in FE7, you were unable to skip said convo.Chapter 27:Larry, Eli, and Henry can speak with Ether. All convos give you a rex hasta.Froid can speak with Falco and Orca. Both convos give you a Basiliskos.Cyrus, Mark, and Bowen can speak with Mac. Cyrus and Mark's convos give you a Tomahawk, while Bowen's gives you a Angelic robe.Eli and Henry can speak with Zypher. Both convos give you a Regal blade.Flo can speak with Lyra. This gives you a fimbulvter.Typhoon can speak with Nurey. This gives you a RienflecheChapter 28:No hidden Items or convosChapter 29:Kerry and Shark have their first support conversation occur in this chapter. No hidden Items.Chapter 30:Kerry and shark have their second support conversation occur in this chapter. No hidden items.Final:Kerry and shark have their final support conversation occur in this chapter. No hidden items.

Fire Emblem Corrupt Theocracy Patch


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