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Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Soeroso Pdf 30 [CRACKED]

Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Soeroso PDF 30: A Comprehensive Guide to Indonesian Law

If you are interested in learning about Indonesian law, you may want to read Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Soeroso PDF 30. This is a book written by R. Soeroso, a professor of law at the University of Indonesia. Pengantar Ilmu Hukum means Introduction to Jurisprudence, and it covers the basic concepts and principles of law in Indonesia.

pengantar ilmu hukum soeroso pdf 30

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What is Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Soeroso PDF 30?

Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Soeroso PDF 30 is a digital version of the book Pengantar Ilmu Hukum by R. Soeroso. The book was first published in 1993 by Sinar Grafika, and it has been revised and updated several times since then. The PDF 30 edition is the latest version, which was released in 2016. It contains 346 pages and 17 chapters.

What are the contents of Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Soeroso PDF 30?

Pengantar Ilmu Hukum Soeroso PDF 30 covers various topics related to Indonesian law, such as:

  • The definition and nature of law

  • The sources and types of law

  • The history and development of law

  • The structure and function of law

  • The legal system and institutions

  • The legal norms and sanctions

  • The legal reasoning and interpretation

  • The legal subjects and objects

  • The legal rights and obligations

  • The legal acts and transactions

  • The legal relations and conflicts

  • The legal procedures and remedies

  • The legal ethics and values

  • The legal culture and education