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PETERBILT 389 1.44

payware ruining the community, they do not have the license to be selling branded shit, wish peterbilt or some other big brand make an example of these clowns then they think there shit is like gold and charge $100 for shit they did not make anyway, they stole the parts from someone else charge stupid money for your mod you deserve to get it leaked dumb ass

PETERBILT 389 1.44

Guys works just u dont know use well. excract all in one folder u must see rollin part 1 and part 2 all together is 3 peace of put part 1 first part 2 second and last rollin just that is 3 in mod manager activate and u can buy from peterbilt

Peaceful skies to all.Euro Truck Simulator 2 was updated the other day to version1.44.1.7s.There are errors with the truck peterbilt_389 on the desktop in the truck_desktop folder. The errors have been fixed. Replace old mod with new one.Had to remake completely Euro Truck Park 1.44 RB mod that shall work in tendem with American truck pack 1.44 ETS 2 Rebranding. I had planned to release the Euro Truck Park 1.44 RB mod by the end of May, but due to updates I have to keep making changes.Euro Truck Park 1.44 RB is almost ready and will be released shortly.When you use these two mods the fix for the mini mirrors is not needed.File locations are a must:1.Euro Truck Park 1.44 RB2. American truck pack 1.44 ETS 2 RebrandingFixes for the mini mirrors do not need to be put in place.Always use copyright links from Provinat as it was noticed that in my mods make changes and they lead to the flight of the game.In no way is this advertising.I will also post the new keyboard physics for Euro Truck Park 1.44 RB, which will be compatible with American truck pack 1.44 ETS 2 Rebranding.Thanks for understanding.

As of game version 1.44 (May 2022) assign keys or buttons to enable adjustable suspension height. When picking up a trailer, lower rear suspension (hold button or key) to get more clearance of fifth wheel beneath trailer then raise suspension. This might come in handy when trailer on uneven terrain sitting lower. May also assign keys or buttons for front suspension. By default when truck at higher speed the suspension returns to normal height. This auto-height can be overridden using console command or editing the main config.cfg, set g_suspension_auto_reset to 0 (zero). 041b061a72


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