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Sfi Slogans In Malayalam Pdf 42 EXCLUSIVE

Protesting against the imposition of 12% tax on sanitary napkins, the women sub-committee of SFI protested nationwide in July 2017.[57] The campaign was named "Bleed Without Fear, Bleed Without Tax". Petitions were submitted to the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for revoking the government decision.[58][59] Thousands of girl students mailed sanitary napkins with protest slogans to Arun Jaitley's office.[58][60][61] This campaign was similar to that of the Pink Chaddi Campaign in 2009.[60] The campaign also demanded the installation of adequate sanitary napkin vending machines in schools and colleges and providing six packets of sanitary napkins for one rupee to the women below poverty line.[60]

sfi slogans in malayalam pdf 42

Prior to that in August, Khalistan slogans were found painted on the walls of the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, ANI had reported citing Pakistan's Geo News. A viral video circulating on social media showed the walls of the Indian Consulate with the "Khalistan Zindabad" slogan, the report added. This incident came as the outlawed Khalistani group issued a provocative statement in the wake of India's 75th anniversary of independence. Ahead of the Independence Day celebration in India, the Khalistani leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannu recently announced a cash reward for the hoisting of the Khalistani flag at key places.

The first protest was reported in "JNU Students Take toStreets against Capital's Shame," The Hindu, December 19, 2012.This protest, organized by the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students'Union (JNUSU), saw students protesting outside the Vasant Vihar policestation. Angry students, organizing themselves through mass texting, socialmedia, and word of mouth, protested for hours. The article also included aninterview with the president of JNUSU, V. Lenin Kumar, who discussed theapathy of the Delhi police, the urgency in arresting the culprits, and thenext scheduled demonstration --a candlelight vigil at India Gate. The pressdocumented the following protests fairly consistently, often includingslogans and quotes by representatives from student associations, civilsociety groups, and politicians, highlighting their shame and anger.

Further, the individual voices of members of civil society groupswere highlighted at length. Moving beyond the slogans of protestors, KavitaKrishnan, the Secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association(AIPWA) addressed protestors outside (CM) Minster Sheila Dikshit's housein a twelve-minute speech that was captured by an onlooker and posted toYouTube on December 19, 2012. The Hindi speech, which has garnered more than50,000 views, focused on political responsibility, women's rights andsafety, and the impact of those patriarchal attitudes ingrained in Indianculture. The speech, translated and transcribed by Tehelka, appears in"Freedom Without Fear Is What We Need to Protect, to Guard andRespect," December 21, 2012. In the speech, Krishnan discusses the dailylife of Indian women living in a vastly patriarchal society and, in one ofthe most interesting sections, refers to the topic of women's safety:


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