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Smallville Temporada 3 Completa Torrent Espanol

the first season of smallville was a bit of a mess, but the second season redeemed itself. it took a while, but the show started to come together and the story became more focused. the first season was more of a series of side plots, and while some were very good, others were just not as good. the second season was more focused, and this season is just as good, if not better.

smallville temporada 3 completa torrent espanol


aside from the infamous lana lang drama, this season is mostly a return to smallville's roots. we get an homage to the classic superman comics, and the superheroics start to come together. the result is a season that feels more focused and a bit more cohesive than the first season. for a show that was on the ropes when the first season started, it still managed to climb its way to an above average season.

im a sucker for the smallville mythology, and i really dug this season. i think that the show was perfectly fine as an ensemble drama that left the story at the door and went with the characters. some of the plots were a bit of a mess (the lana lang drama was so obviously drawn out that it dragged the whole season down), but once again, the show did a really good job of not caring and just going for it.

the series, which was co-created by gale anne hurd and john stephens, will explore clark kent's emergence as the legendary hero and savior of mankind and ultimately his destiny as a global icon. smallville was the top-rated series of 2006 and the number one drama of 2007 among women 18-34 and 25-54. it currently ranks as the number one series in its time period among men 18-34 and 25-54, and is the highest-rated new show in the network's history in both key demos.


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