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Maya Full Serial Number And Activation Code

Request codes are necessary only if you have perpetual license software and need an activation code to manually activate software on a computer with no Internet access. Generating a request code is the first step in the process of manually activating your Autodesk software.

Maya Full Serial Number And Activation Code

Note: Request codes and manual activation are required only for perpetual license software. You need a valid serial number and product key to generate a request code for your perpetual license software. You don't need a request code for subscription software or to access your software online using a serial number and product key.

You see the screens for generating a request code in the product activation wizard only if your computer isn't connected to the Internet. If your computer has an active Internet connection, the software will assume you want to activate online, and it won't display the screens for a request code.

Note: For single-user subscriptions, you can usually sign in so that a serial number is not required. You may see a Stand-alone license type for 2017-2019 products, but a User License type for 2020 and later product versions.

Ok, here's my situation. I'm a college student and a few semesters ago I had to download and install Maya 2015 in order to use for a class. Next semester, I now have to download and install Maya 2016. So, I log into the education community site and it offers me the ability to download Maya 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. When I click on the 2016 version, I am given a serial number and product key. The serial number given is the exact same serial number I was given for Maya 2015. I was also sent an e-mail giving me the license details for Maya 2016 (again with the identical serial number).

After I download and install Maya 2016, it says it can't activate because the serial number is wrong. I tried to get an activation code from autodesk, but the automated system tells me I am providing the incorrect request code (I assure you, I am typing in the right number). Here's a screenshot of the activation screen with a request number showing that I am trying to activate the 2016:

So obviously customer service thinks I am trying to activate Maya 2015, not 2016. I suspect because the serial numbers are exactly the same. The product numbers are different though. Anyway, I respond to the customer service e-mail and explain everything, and then I just get a message saying my ticket has been closed.

Thank you for your post! Sorry to hear you are having issues activating Maya 2016. You can use the same serial number for all the previous versions available to subscription users, so Maya 2014-2017.

If I'm supposed to be able to use the same serial number, then why when I try to activate Maya does it say that I have the wrong serial number? See below. I'm using the serial number provided to me by Autodesk in an e-mail. How can that be wrong?

I can provide you with an e-mail, and a screenshot that is not blacked out to show that the numbers are the same if I need to. Is there some way you can provide me with a manual activation code if I provide my request code? Is there some phone number I can call to talk to someone and explain the situation better?

In this case it's better for you to submit a request with your license information from this page. You will be able to request the activation code online or create a support case so that our licensing team can assist you.

I then responded to that message explaining that I am not trying to activate Maya 2015 (even though I already explained that in the original ticket), I am trying to activate Maya 2016. I forwarded both the licensing e-mail from Autodesk, as well as provided a screenshot showing that the serial number and request code are the correct numbers for Maya 2016, not 2015. Then I got an e-mail saying my support ticket was closed. So going through this page provided no resolution. My request was ignored. I could create another ticket, but I'd just get the same response.

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