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Dyn Raises $50M More To Help Your Favorite Websites Stay Fast And Secure

"Automation and efficiency are at the heart of what we do at Truework, and building the future with a consumer-first mindset goes into every decision we make," said Truework CEO Ryan Sandler. "With access to over 35 million (and counting) US employee records, Truework enables lenders to convert more borrowers and make faster credit decisions with verified income. Series C funding will help us further empower both sides of the verification equation and help build a more efficient, secure, and stable credit system."

Dyn raises $50M more to help your favorite websites stay fast and secure

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Providers can upload, update, and view their credentials on-demand, while your team can securely store and manage credentials, gain better visibility, and help providers stay compliant while on the job with automated expiration alerts.


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