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IKEA Catalogue 2005 PDF: How to Find Inspiration and Ideas for Your Home

with the introduction of catalogues in 1959, the scale and scope of the catalogues increased. the 1953 catalogue is about a third larger than the 1951 catalogue. and the product range has grown to almost 4,000 product descriptions. also, the interior products catalogue ikf allmänna annons is now added to the home furnishing catalogue.

ikea catalogue 2005 pdf


when the first catalogue was printed in 1951, the main aim was to inform people about the new range of furniture that was now available in the store. today the aim is that each and every catalogue is a "window on the home furnishing of today" and that it informs people about what the future will hold for them. and also, that the catalogue is a great way to discover new products that they might not know about. at ikea we believe that the catalogue should not only tell people what you have. the catalogue should also show you what you can have.

it was the end of the 1950s and people were starting to move out of their homes into their own houses. the new homes were often small, and it was the most practical way to organize the living space at the time. ikea became a house furnishing company for small homes.

the 1960s were the first time that ikea opened stores outside of sweden. and it was during the 1960s that ikea became known for its convenient, well-designed furniture. ikea was the first furniture store to introduce bjarke ingels group - the design company behind the new ikea concept store, and the design language that is used today in the ikea catalogue, furniture and also in the ikea stores. the ikea catalogue reflected this change of direction.


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