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The Ultimate Guide to Commandos 2 Destination Paris 1.40 Crack: Everything You Need to Know

how to install commandos 2: destination parisif you have already played part of the game or have some experience playing commandos 2 you can install just a couple of simple commands, with only one small problem - if you have a previous commandos installed (commandos.exe) then you will lose your save game. in order to avoid this issue, make sure to download a commandos 2: destination paris folder and install it on a different game path to commandos (you need to go to commandos -> properties -> set this game to non-install location). in order to install commandos 2: destination paris, you need to double click the file or use the archive (zip). after the installation, you can launch the game and you will see a message that says, you need to update commandos. to run the update you need to press here . if the update is successful you will see the following message: destination paris version 2015-07-27 congratulations! you have successfully installed a commandos 2: destination paris mod! feel free to look at the commandos 2: destination paris front page , where you can find more information and screenshots. if you have any problems with the installation of the mod, don't hesitate to ask for help.

commandos 2 destination paris 1.40 crack download.rar


enjoy your own period of history today!author: dielectric. type: conversion mod. file size: 523 kb (105553 bytes). archive site: . commandos 2: destination paris, is a conversion of the game commandos 2: men of courage, created by pyro studios. the game was quite successful because of its smart design and its realistic scenarios. the game takes place during the second world war and is about allied and axis forces trying to capture strategic targets in the metropolitan area of paris. in this mod we have heavily changed the original game, to make it more complex and interesting. the mod has been made more challenging, to stop you completing it too quickly, so you will get a long game. it will challenge even the best commandos players. this mod is compatible with commandos 3, btcod and bel. commands must be put in the folder "cod.cfg" of the mod directory. everything else should be as in the original game. the only difference is the locations and the missions. please, if you do like what you see on this page, give 5 stars in the gos(good old style [of commandos 2, for ex.]) we are very glad if you want to show us your work and help us to bring this new commandos to life.more about the mod:


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