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Barbie In The Pink Shoes ##HOT##

"Dance your way to a magical adventure with Barbie as Kristin, a ballerina with big dreams! When she tries on a pair of sparkling pink shoes, she and her best friend, Hayley, are whisked away to a fantastical ballet world. There, Kristin discovers she must dance in her favorite ballets in order to defeat an evil Snow Queen. With performances to the legendary Giselle and Swan Lake ballets, it's a wonderful journey where if you dance with your heart, dreams come true!"

Barbie in the Pink Shoes

The film opens with Madame Natasha overseeing the dancers's warm-up session, and critiquing the children's number. Kristin and Hayley are backstage talking when Tara and Dillon perform their Pas de Deux. Kristin's solo begins and she dances flawlessly, but soon the music overtakes her and she begins to improvise new choreography. Madame Natasha chastises her, causing Kristin to fall and rip her shoes, and warns her not to deviate when the international ballet scouts come. Kristin and Hayley leave to get a new pair of shoes, while Tara's father tries to convince Madame to let his daughter have another solo - Kristin's. But Madame tells him that his daughter already has enough solos and walks away.

Meanwhile, while looking for a new pair of shoes, Hayley can't seem to find any Kristin's size (which is five). But then, the costume mistress, Madame Katerina gives Kristin a pair of pink pointe shoes that overwhelm her. When she tries them on, she and Hayley are suddenly transported to a magical world, which turns out to be the ballet world of Giselle, where Kristin has transformed into Giselle. She starts to dance Giselle's solo and dances beautifully. However, when Prince Albrecht asks her to marry him and is interrupted by Hilarion, Kristin rejects them both. Hayley reminds her of the tragic ending of the ballet, and suggests that they leave.

As they are about to leave, they are nearly run over by an icy sleigh ridden by the Snow Queen, who rules the ballet world. She demands to know why the dancers have deviated from the story, and where 'Giselle' is. Hilarion tries to cover for her, but the Queen turns to Giselle's mother, Berthe. The Snow Queen knows when Berthe tries to lie to her and turns her into an ice-sculpture. Hilarion and Albrecht agree to work together to find Giselle. Meanwhile, Hayley has figured out that the shoes are behind everything and tries to convince Kristin to take them off. However, Kristin refuses and runs away. When Hayley catches up, she finds Kristin at a lake and that she has now transformed into Queen Odette.

Hilarion and Albrecht try to save Kristin but are unable to overcome the Snow Queen's powers. Luckily, Kristin's passion for making up her own choreography allows her to break the Snow Queen's control by herself. As she does so, she undergoes another transformation into a beautiful pink, rose-decorated costume. Hayley un-freezes and asks Kristin if she is finally ready to go home, to which Kristin says "yes" and takes off the pink shoes. As they return magically back in the costume shop, Madame Katerina comes in and reminds them that Kristin needs to be on stage in fifteen minutes. Tara gives her a pair of ballet shoes, and Hayley makes some last-minute adjustments to the costume while the talent scouts watch the other numbers.

Kristin comes on stage and begins her dance. As she modulates into her own choreography, her dress magically changes from blue and purple to glittery pink, and everyone agrees that her dance is amazing. The scouts want to feature Tara and Dillon in their company and ask Kristin to star in a new ballet with Hayley as her costume designer. As the dancers leave, Madame Katerina takes the pink shoes and carefully packs them away, smiling.

This 24th film entry and the 4th and final dance film in the series stars Barbie as a ballet dancer Kristyn Farraday who one day gets swept away with her friend, Hayley, to a secret ballet world when she tries on a pair of sparkly pink shoes she . In this new fantasy world, Kristyn learns about an evil Snow Queen and that she must defeat by dancing her favorite ballets, which are the famous ballets of Giselle and Swan Lake.

This 29th film entry stars Barbie as a princess named Kara who wants to help out in the community rather than perform her royal duties which she says is "more like boring." Her parents believed that her helping out in the community is prone to "danger and trouble", even adding "good advice" from their royal advisor, Baron Von Ravendale, who secretly wants to rule the kingdom of Windimere himself. He stated that his father lost to the current king, Kristoff, to a rock-paper-scissors game. A potion he was making got spilled by his frog friend into his machine which also trickled down to a caterpillar in a sewer. The caterpillar moved to a branch of a tree and morphed into a cocoon and then a pink butterfly. Whiles Kara was lamenting to her sisters, Madison and Makyla, about the overprotective nature of her parents, her cousin, Corrine, was revelling in becoming a princess. The butterfly moved closer to Corrine who was annoyed and wanted to slap it away with a stick-like tool, but Kara stopped her, causing her to loose balance and fall. Kara helped her to her feet after which the butterfly kissed Kara for a "thanks", which made her feel weird and funny until she became unconscious and slept. When she woke up, she saw her scared kitten and helps her out. That was how she realized the effect of the butterfly kiss. With the help of her sisters she evolved with her power to become a superhero and adopt the name Super Sparkle. Kara flies around saving the day, but her cousin was having none of that. She overheard Madison and Makayla about how Kara got her powers and set out to find the butterfly and get her powers adopting the name Dark Sparkle and rival her for the affection of the people of Windimere. After Baron re-made his pink potion, he drank it so as to get powers and seek to expel the family from the Windimere castle even to the extent of waking up a sleeping volcano to descend on it. Kara and Corrine set aside their jealousy and rivalry to fend off Baron and have him locked up in an indestructible tower chamber, thus saving the kingdom.

kinda disappointed they didn't do the nutcracker ballet, considering they had it all set up right there and they gave such a nice homage to barbie in swan lake (2003), it would have been nice if they'd given the same treatment to barbie in the nutcracker (2001), especially since owen hurley directed the two aforementioned masterpieces

That's right suck it ballet!! You and your stupid rules. This is unhinged. If it is announced that the Barbie Cinematic Universe (BCU) is an elaborate ruse being played on adults and children everywhere then, and maybe only then, would all of these films really start to make sense. Like the barbie films always have strangely cogent and prescient analysis of social structure aligned side by side with horrid messages that reinforce some of the worst parts of our culture and I don't understand how that happens.

Also, even better deals. Buy the Blue Ray version and it comes with a digital copy to load to IPAD/IPOD and it has a $7 off coupon for any other Barbie movie. Target had a barbie movie normally $9.99 on clearance for $5 so I actually made money with the coupon

During the time, due to the arrangement of dance training in the dance company as the troupes will soon appear in the display cabinet. Hailey intended to tear her shoes but later decided to go to the clothing department with Kristyn to gets the latest shoes. Hailey and Kristyn eventually revealing the pink ballet shoes. As the pink ballet shoes have moved on, they were transferred to the magical ballet world. Meanwhile, she persuaded Kristyn who wants to strip on the shoes to protect her as well.

When the Snow Queen was eventually wiped out even after the ballet shoes have been taken off, Hailey should be returned to the dressing room with Kristyn. She guessed that used the tailoring machine to make the latest brand milkmaid costume to Kristyn. However, Kristyn finally appears in the live show, which will embrace the most audience.

Some of the Barbie in the Pink Shoes coloring pages represents the main characters under different names because they play specific roles in the magical ballet leads by Snow Queen. Others main characters only exist in one of both worlds. just feel free to color the Pink shoes world you prefer or crat your own scenario through the printables you decide to color. 041b061a72


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