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Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold ((HOT)) Full

First cheat: Press "J A M [Enter]" (press one key at a time). You'll get all the keys and your health will be refilled to 100%. Unfortunately your score will also be set to 0. This will only work on the registered version of the game.The rest of the cheats require entering this special code on the command line (when you run the game): POWERBALL. This lets you use the 'debug keys'. Also, you have to hold down the left and right shift keys while the JAM Logo intro is showing. Staring holding them down when the white letters show up. Once you see the PC-13 screen, you can let go. You should hear a sound to let you know that it worked. After you complete these steps, the following cheats become available:[Backspace] W: Warp to level[Shift] W: Reloads the default map[Backspace] D: Player invisible (dumb objects)[Backspace] G: God mode[Backspace] I: Item cheat[Backspace] M: Memory info[Backspace] P: Pause screen[Backspace] Q: Fast quit[Backspace] A: Add actors to auto mapper[Backspace] U: Unlock all floors[Backspace] O: Show hidden walls on auto mapper[Backspace] E: Quick win mission[Backspace] B: Border color[Backspace] C: Count objects[Backspace] F: Facing spot[Backspace] H: Hurt self (only if not in God mode)[Backspace] S: Slow motion[Backspace] V: Extra VBLs (vertical blanking signal - this will do nothing for most users)[Backspace] [Home]: Dec sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF)[Backspace] [Pgup]: Inc sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF)[Backspace] [End]: Dec ground color (if ground textures are OFF)[Backspace] [Pgdn]: Inc ground color (if ground textures are OFF)[Backspace] +: Add shading depth (if textures are OFF)[Backspace] -: Dec shading depth (if textures are OFF)[Backspace] ]: Inc shading drop off (if textures are OFF)[Backspace] [: Dec shading drop off (if textures are OFF)[Shift] [Tab]: Show full auto mapper containing all live actors[6] [7]: Collect all bonus items (gold, ammo, health, etc.[7] [8]: Kill all actors[6] [8]: Collect all bonus items and kill all actors

Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold FULL

Download Zip:

  • BlakeStone: Aliens of GoldMany players havewondered how Apogee would follow the success of Wolfenstein 3D. The answer is "BlakeStone: Aliens of Gold"! Wolf3D took you into the past; thrust into a world at war.Blake rockets you into the future where a sinister madman, using genetics to create anarmy of bizarre creatures, is waging war on Earth. Blake has more of everything! Moreaction, more enemies, more levels, more firepower, more graphics, more animation, morepitfalls and many more features. Like built-in auto-mapping, so you never have to worryabout getting lost in the game. "Blake Stone...isn't simply Son of's a wish list fulfilled,enhancing the Wolfenstein canon with many sensible tweaks and some new tricks that'll makeyour jaw drop." -- Electronic Entertainment You're pitted against Dr. Pyrus Goldfire. He's found a way to replicate pure gold, whichhe's using to fund his maniacal plan. Goldfire has built six highly secure, futuristiclocations where his creations are being hatched. It's up to you to penetrate his securityand stop him at all costs. Upon ordering you'll receive the Blake Stone manual, which includes a comic styleillustrated story that leads you into the game. You'll also get the secret cheat codewhich gives full health, all the weapons, full ammo, and all the key cards (giving youaccess to every area in the game)."The first-person viewpoint and smooth movement will have you peeringsideways into the monitor' to see if there's another monster around the corner." --PC MagazineCOOL FEATURESEnding cinematics in each episode.

  • Diminishing lighting effects.

  • Built-in automapping feature (two modes available).

  • Unique boss enemy in each episode.

  • Crates can be blown apart to reveal weapons and other goodies!

  • One-way doors (once you go in, you must find another way out!)

  • Direct Level Transport (DLT) warps you to secret levels!

  • Electrically-linked doors (multiple doors open at once!)

  • Roving mines that explode when shot (chain reactionexplosions!)

  • Lots of goodies (gold, money bags, food, ammo, etc.)

  • Over 20 unique actors (guards, aliens, mutants, pods, etc!)

  • Interactive informants within the game, giving you clues anditems.

  • Smart actors, who'll grab your ammo before you do, or retreat.

  • Internal scenarios (hi-tech buildings, space station,moonbase).

  • Five futuristic weapons (from a silent-shot gun to a grenadelauncher!)

  • Adlib & Sound Blaster support (FM and digitized soundeffects, IN STEREO!)

  • 66 total levels (two secret levels per episode).

  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!

3D graphics, brilliant music and digitized sound effects,intense action--it's all waiting for you in Blake Stone!


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